lunedì 20 novembre 2017

Soft Skill and Healthcare

Soft skills are assuming a central role in healthcare as

 " personal characteristics that enable an individual to interact effectively and harmoniously with others, and are essential for successful performance in any interpersonal setting".

Feel Good Project deal with soft skill and Humanities so may be usefull to draw a path among this discussions on the web, for all the partners and follower of Feel Good Project 
Here a non exhaustive review on the subject.

sabato 14 ottobre 2017

FEEL GOOD Project - Summary


Strategic Relationship competences for Heathcare Professionals

can be a tool to improve the reciprocal recognition of qualifications and thus help people

to exercise their right to mobility without losing their competences and experience

FEEL GOOD, through its participatory and co-planning approach, focuses on a simple but significant aspect: positive relationships.

The different professions and roles involved in the health and social care sector often have excellent technical knowledge but not always good interpersonal competences

: this mismatching causing a lot of problems for the final beneficiaries: patients, visitors, family members. At the same time these factors make the process longer and more expensive both in terms of subjective well-being and budget. 

FEEL GOOD intends to intervene in those areas of competencies potentially able to integrate themselves with training and update paths of any professional involved in the health and social care sector- from the physician to the in-home caregiver, the health and social care worker and the nurse 

The main objective of project activities will be to provide a concrete response

by developing Learning Unit on relationship competences for health and social care professionals

FEEL GOOD wants to give evidence and substance to the hidden curriculum, turning these competences into training tools, usable and transferable to many different contexts. The project objective is to build and share a method for the self-evaluation of effective soft skills, beginning from the enhancement of both professionals and beneficiaries experiences. 

Through connecting stories, sharing meanings, and recognising the other, FEEL GOOD develop new contents starting from real contexts that are able to explore the complexity of subjective and objective elements influencing them. Issues such as multiculturalism, empathy, recognition of the other, and listening are central elements if they are not treated in a general manner but they are rather included in situations where pain and expectations, fatigue and fear have a significant impact. 

FEEL GOOD Learning Unit will be able to address different recipients, and therefore they can be used in a variety of educational situations: vocational training, higher education, continuing education.

Partners of the four countries represent different views and areas of expertise, from training to services to patients and social services in a broad sense. This will actually make the project activities able to gather different points of view and enhance different approaches in order to develop an innovative training system.

Medical Humanities is the approach chosen by Feel Good to encourage the development of cross-curricular and strategic skills and development of reflective and meta-reflective competences.
The Applicant Community Capodarco Rome, has a long experience on the national level regarding training and placement of health workers; it has monitored and analyzed the changes involving these professional ties and identified from time to time new emerging needs. The increasingly urgent demand for new relationships competences, along with the growing international mobility of these people has led to the construction of a multidimensional partnership who could be a coherent group from 4 partner country: BFI OÖ (AT), IASIS (GR), Docete Omnes Foundation (ES), People (IT), one Associated Partner FEAPS (ES).

Through the active involvement of 240 professionals, 320 people beneficiary of health and social services (with main attention to elderly and migrants), 180 stakeholders and key actors involved in Feel Good Multiplier events, the partnership will be able to realize two original reports EMPOWERMENT OF EUROPEAN HEALTHCARE OPERATORS, and SOCIAL VISION OF HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALITIES. 

The Intellectual Output FEEL GOOD Training model: RELATIONSHIP COMPETENCES FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, will gain strength and consistency thanks peer review activities, pilot testing in each country partner, Multiplier Events and dissemination and communication activities.

From start to finish, the project will always make a lot of attention to involve people and their experiences to enhance them, co-designing the actions and co-evaluate the results. Great attention is also paid to the involvement of relevant stakeholders and policy maker to whom will be addressed a specific document policy Recommendations' to better integrate different training system in a EU level. To support the project, a web platform will be set up; this will help interacting with the different targets during FEEL GOOD life

Project Start  Date                                                                               Project End Date
   01/09/2017                                                                                           29/02/2020